X5 Clamp


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X5 Clamp
Material: Glass Reinforced Nylon

The New X5 is made from an almost indestructible material, specifically formulated, the Reinforced Glass Composite gives you a high tensile strength clamp, with the benefit of being light to carry. Woodworker’s know to well clamps disengage under vibration. The Lidwig clamps resolve this issue and many more common known problems. The patented mechanics of the Design forbids the handles from opening until the user requires them to. The patented design allows for 6 times the nominal pressure being applied. This means that very little pressure is needed on the handles, to maximize the force applied on the clamped surfaces, to achieve both a speedy and a simple process. Another great feature is once you have adjusted the clamp to the desired thickness and pressure, there is no need to reset it over and over again. The user is ready to clamp the work piece using ONLY one Hand. To release the clamp is also an easy and simple action, even under pressure the clamp can be released using only one finger. To explain how easy it is, customers in the older generation, with hands not cut out for clamping, are able to use the clamps with an easy and simple squeeze of the handles even under load. The New X5 has a wider opening of 155 mm, spring loaded pin for easy adjustment and a swivel head for those delicate jobs. The X5 has the ability to insert soft cover caps for delicate timber and veneer clamping.

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X5 Clamp Angle Clamping caps

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