Lidwig X6 Alloy Clamp


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Lidwig X6 Alloy Clamp
Material: Premium Aluminum

Quick, Light, and a stunning clamp to use and admire. The X6 is capable of clamping up to 55mm with a throat depth of 100mm. The unique handles gives these LIDWIG Clamps the edge when it comes to versatility and functionality.

How to use the X6 Clamp
The X6 is designed for many applications i.e.: fitting of drawer fronts, clamping steel panels to Timber Box making. Simply place the clamp between the clamped work surface wind the adjustment knob to the material with the handles open around 20-30 degrees, then simply close the handles. For finer adjustment use the adjustment knob, especially for delicate timber such as Red Cedar.

Who is using the X6 Clamp
Wood turners, Welders, Carpenters, Joiners, Builders, Craftsmen, Girl Schools, Boy Schools, Tafe's, Colleges, Boat Builders and many more. LIDWIG X6

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Lidwig X6 Alloy Clamp Cupboard Box Drawer Front

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