Lidwig X5 Non Swivel


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Lidwig X5 Non Swivel
Material: Reinforced Glass Composite

Designed specifically for Tradesmen, the X5 has unique features over conventional clamps. All the Lidwig clamp range have repetitious characteristics. Once the clamp is adjusted for size and pressure, the user is able to clamp using only one hand.
NOT Plastic??
The X5 is made from a unique Reinforced Glass Composite, which gives them incredible strength, similar to steel and without the weight.

Who can use the clamp?
The X4 Clamp will never disengage under vibration, even wile routing. Able to apply a 100 kg of force with the ease of only using 2 fingers.
Used by Welders, Woodworkers, Kitchen Cabinet installers/manufactures, craftsmen and many more. Used in all industries ie: basic welding, industrial welding, construction, joinery shops, kitchen manufactures the list go's on. Try one today you won't be disappointed.
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